November 2023

StarSong .:=:. Soul, Sun & Sound

February 2024
LunaMateria .:=:. Intuition, Matter & Moon

May 2024
PetraGlyph .:=:. Gnosis, Stone & Star 

August 2024  
AquaTerra .:=:. Wellness, Water & Earth

You arrive the evening before.
Doors open 9 am on the first day.
Are open at 10am the other days.
We complete at 2pm on the last day.

Each gathering has experiences of; ceremony, medicine painting, nature, ritual, feasting and the elements. Each one has a similar pattern and schedule flow. Yet each one focuses on a different part of the Wheel of the Year and the building blocks of creation.

We are in essence rematriating with the natural world and all of creation.

The four gatherings fall on the Peak Season days, (Cross-quarter days) half way between the Solstices and Equinoxes. Each one is connected with the primary archetype of the Curate - the one who cares for the Soul of the Village. These experiences will not be Livestreamed and will have specific content that can only take place in a natural environment.

As you can see from the Wheel of the Year, the gatherings fall on the SAME day as the virtual Cura Ceremony Gatherings. You should plan to arrive the evening before on the last day of the month in order to be ready for the virtual ceremony the next day.

We have lodging for up to ten people at Musea, loving called the Mermaid Room.

SONOMA RETREATS; Ceremonies, Feasts, Rituals, Nature, Creativity and Circle with Initiated Community

Ceremonial Retreats for Curating A Sense of Place Through Our Relationship with Care for Creation

Curate Shiloh Sophia and Jonathan McCloud offer four in-person gatherings per year at the MUSEA Center for Intentional Creativity - our campus, ranch, classrooms, kitchen and art studio located in Sonoma California.

The Origins Training can be taken completely online, yet we highly encourage you to attend our retreats in person at MUSEA Campus. To meet Curate Shiloh Sophia, experience the land and connect with fellow Intentional Creativity community members. Two of the trainings take place during the 6 month Origins journey and the others happen afterward and are a continuation of the Origins journey. These will not be livestreamed or recorded because they must take place in nature and in person.

The following are the dates for what we call "The Cura Council Gatherings" hosted by Jonathan and Shiloh Sophia McCloud. These are able to be attended by our current cohort and any Intentional Creativity Initiate (graduates). The Cura Council is MUSEA's 500 year plan. Training community members in Ceremony and to provide virtual ceremonies with the dates on our 500 year plan based off the wheel of the year.

They form an entire curriculum that can be taken independently or together with any of our Certification programming.

The Cura Council Gatherings at MUSEA Campus Ranch and Wild Water Creek on Sonoma Mountain in California with Founders and Guest Guides. Each retreat is rooted in Medicine Painting, Care for Creation, Shared Wisdom Labs, and Nourishing Feasts. A Holographic Framework in Social Sciences and Humanities for Creatives along the evolutionary timeline.

We will explore things like...

  • Cave Art + Astronomy
  • Divine Feminine Timeline
  • Frame Drumming
  • Conscious Evolution
  • Sacred Reciprocity
  • Alchemical Activism
  • Rematriation Decolonization
  • Natural Earth Pigments
  • Particle and Wave Energy
  • Relational Compassions
  • Seasonal Apothecary
  • Permaculture Ethos
  • Biodynamic Vineyards
  • Field trips to the Sea

and more that is co-created by all of us through the framework of the ceremony.

2021 VIVID Gathering at MUSEA Center for Intentional Creativity

Prima Materia Gathering

Land at MUSEA Center

CURA Gathering at Musette Atelier

Beautiful Outdoor Dinning

Jonathan hosting a meal at Musea

Shiloh soaking in the Sonoma sun

MUSEA Classroom

MUSEA Red Thread Circle

Students at MUSEA Campus Studio