Delivery, Hopes & Monthly Overview

This training is delivered in real time by Shiloh Sophia from MUSEA Center for Intentional Creativity in Sonoma, California. Each student receives a multi-media-rich experience. Delivered through a series of livestreams, a private online app, and twice monthly LIVE Zoom Calls. Plus connection with other students and our support team. You will need about 4 hours a week. Everything will be recorded so you can do it in your own time.


Facets of the Origin Journey

ORIGINS training is a combination of live-stream, video, documents, and live Zoom calls. All material is recorded and can be accessed in real-time in your time. The following is a potential flow for our experience so that you can get a feeling for the path. The actual experience may have a different timeline.

  • Month 0: Choose - Called to the Experience
    Apply, prepare, and engage with readings from the ORIGINS manual. Chart your calendar. Set up your studio. Engage in the Classroom App. Finish any prerequisite materials.
  • Sept. - Oct. Phase One: Create - Embody the Experience
    Engage deeply with your own personal process with the teachings and experience of how the work works. This includes your first largely abstract layered medicine painting called Stardust Dreams and the development of your first story teaching. The Soul Alignment process will be fully revealed.
  • Oct. - Nov. Phase Two: Translate - Understand the Experience
    Decode what happened for you in Phase One. Engage in the second painting experience, Awakened Archetype where you learn how to share what you learned with others in alignment with your own teachings. You will learn how to translate the Soul Alignment process for others.
  • Dec. Phase Three: Integrate - Organize the Experience
    This is a time of personal and professional alignment and discovery about HOW and WITH WHOM you will share what you have learned. Even if you don't have an active client base, you will imagine one and begin to bring translation into integration in your life and practice. You will complete Painting Two and begin painting three, The 13 Powers.
  • Jan. & Feb. Phase Four: Generate - Transmit the Experience
    Declare your Calling, Design your portfolio and share with the community and all of us in your Council. Work with us on a collective book and museum show of our paintings and writings.

Our Hopes and Promises


We Will
Gather in Ceremony and Creation Circles
Every Week for 6 Months in the 4 Phases

We Will
Create Artifacts of Elemental Origin through
Medicine Painting Journeys

We Will
Receive Mytho-Poetic Transmissions and
Craft Our Own Teachings

We Will
Access the Pathway to the truest voice we have available to us and hear our messages

We Will
Practice the 13 Powers:
The Innate Faculties and Capacities

We Will
Develop the Soul and Somatic Spaces
to Love Bigger and Choose Meaningful Actions

We Will
Invite Inner Self and Inner Space
To Come into Coherence with our LIVED LIFE

We Will
Explore and enhance our acute awareness of culture as learned and shared stories about
human behaviors, relationship to artifacts, and knowledge passed from generation to generation

We Will
Be present to the adaptive and maladaptive
changes on our planet over the
past 300,000 years - 250 years - and into 2023
and how these changes have affected
our relationships with one another and the earth’s biodiversity.

We Will
Dive into Liberation Within
through messy, ecstatic, pleasure-filled
Self-Expression experiences

We Will
Engage with Care for Creation through
Honoring our Relatedness with Earth and Stars and deepening our relationship with nature

We Will
Activate our Curate-inspired Care for the Soul of the Village and Become Inspired to take Actions

We Will
Claim our Consciousness, calling it back from all the places, patterns, people, and parts where it's been scattered and back into Coherence and Wholeness

We Will
Experience a Consistent Path of Practice, mending our separations from and inviting a renewed relationship with the Natural World

We Will
Become Stewards of and Stewarded by the Earth:
Connecting with a Sense of Place and Space

We Will
Create an Ancient and Futuristic Book:
Composed of our collective writings and paintings
and publish our book as an artifact in
The Cosmic Library AND create a MUSEUM Show.

All of this happens in ceremonial journey space at the portal of the canvas, in nature and in the community at the Quantum Commons

Teach the Teacher


Transform Your Origin Story A Medicine Painting Journey Through Awakened Imagination to the Creation of the Universe and YOU!

Awakened Archetype

 Elevate Your True Identity

A Medicine Painting Journey towards Inhabiting Who You Are So You can Claim What You are on Earth to Create!

13 Soul

Mending Spirit and Soma

A Medicine Painting Journey to repair the fragmented relationship between your Spirit and Your Soma (body)!

Example Description of Stardust Dreams: A journey through the timeline from the beginning of the world to the human that you inhabit today. This is an abstract symbolic layered process that features 9 specific steps and works with earth, air, fire, water, ether, stardust, trees, the field and your specific unique arrival on earth. We will connect with the sky and the moon on the day you were born and bring your arrival here INTO the painting. There is an invitation to mend the story you are carrying about incarnation and an invitation to begin to inhabit your body as your sense of place. 

Meaning: A painting about choosing to inhabit who you are by seeing who you are in relationship to and with creation. This painting is not about making a pretty picture, but about processing the fragmentation. Loss of innate knowing, transforming trauma trapped in the body, expressing movement from form to field and field to form. The curriculum offers a look at the timeline of humanity and allows us to find a sense of place in the great unfolding story. 

Students: This process should be adaptable for children, teens and people of all ages and genders. This is for ANYONE who wonders about who they are and what they are doing here. Those searching for meaning, looking for purpose, and finding the will to keep going. With a desire to thrive, finding yourself and listening to your voice for the first time. You will experience this process, while knowing that you will be teaching this to others.

Medicine Painting is a potent tool we have taught many times in different ways and for those you teach, it is designed to be offered as a weekend workshop - roughly 10-12 hours of painting - or it can also be taught over a month with 4 3 hour sessions. Or in private client/coaching settings over 10-12 sessions. 

You can use this specific title and teach it as I taught it to you - OR innovate on the process in your own way and change it to weave with your own technology.

“We are all cooling sacks of stars"

Evolution as a Conscious Choice

Evolution does happen on it's own over time. But what if we have a lot more influence than we ever imagined. I think we do. I believe that creativity, and especially Intentional Creativity is a direct pathway to impacting who we are as human beings - Shiloh Sophia

See the Build

An Example of Abstract Layered Painting Process

Why now?
Because we have come so far and a long way from our roots - our true Origins - it is time to come home to a chosen lineage; a lineage that is truly by CHOICE in a curated culture created by us for us.

Why us?
Because we long for new archetypal structures and patterns where tending the soul of the village and the anima munde: the soul of the world is a natural part of our stewardship on the Earth.

Why does it matter?
We know we are stardust, salt water, soil, and sunshine all woven together into a luminous and loamy identity that is enfolded in an infinite soul with a finite soma. It matters because we are one interconnected strand of many colored strands. Because we care, a lot and want to share out gifts.

What's the process?
Transmission teachings from the lineage of Shiloh Sophia threaded with inquiry while you create on the canvas, on the page, on the mat, and walking in nature and circle. Quite literally, we open ceremonies, engage with teachings, go to the chosen medium, and travel to inner space.

We create a coherent possible field in an awake as possible soul and see what arises. Intentional Creativity paired with the tools of Medicine Painting, Meditation, Mother Tongue writing, and Metacognitive Drawing invite as many of you as is available to come and meet you in your experience.