Enrollment Interview & Gatherings
What to expect for those who have already applied.

~ Please Read ~

This page is ONLY for those who have already applied.

IF you have not applied, please go ahead and apply and come back to this page before you have your appointment.

ORIGINS begins September 1 for 6 Months Virtually
with 4 optional Retreats

Gatherings for The Cura Council Retreats Dates

November 2023

StarSong.:=:.Soul, Sun & Sound

February 2024
LunaMateria .:=:.Intuition, Matter & Moon

May 2024
PetraGlyph.:=:.Gnosis, Stone & Star 

August 2024  
AquaTerra .:=:. Wellness, Water & Earth

Schedule: You arrive the evening before.

We complete at 2 pm on the last day.

Preparation for Your Training Path - Slow down, Tune in and Read.

After reading, decide if you should keep your appointment. Each call will be about 20 minutes in total but plan for half an hour. Uncertain about finances or the path ahead - come to the call. We will work with you.

Dear One,

The purpose of this call is to secure your seat in the Origins Training. By now you have read the INVITATION on the home page, looked at the Tuition, considered gatherings and perhaps read about Medicine Painting (below the Delivery tab) prior to applying. You either KNOW Origins is right for you or you feel at least 80% certain.

During this call, you will choose which of the in-person gatherings you would like to attend - or all of them! During the call, you will answer a few interview questions and then make your first payment or at least schedule the first payment to reserve your place.

This connection call is less about questions and more about our MUTUAL YES to journey together. For us and for you it is essential that this be the formation of a core group of people who are meant to journey together.

You know who you are...you are called.

The average payment without gatherings is flexible per month with your scholarship. If you add in-person gatherings, each one is $1000, (normally $1500). We suggest adding as many in-person gatherings as you can afford. Jonathan will review the payment choices with you and the amounts so you can design your best Training Path.

Come to the call with your chosen method of payment - with a credit card that you will be able to use for a year (so check the expiration date). If you can pay in full and want to send a check instead there is also significant savings. Failed payments will result in a $25 processing fee each time. We have options for your payments, including PayPal, but do not offer Venmo, or Cas App.

LEGEND Archeo_Futura is the pre-requisite for ORIGINS. You can roll your LEGEND payment into your Origins payment if you choose or sign up independently. This should not be a reason to not enroll in Origins. If payment is a concern we are willing to work with your needs and partial scholarships are available. We will discuss this during our call together. 

If you are an Elder and you KNOW you have to do this, but you don't know how to make the finances work, you may be eligible for our Elder Cura Council programming, please keep your appointment.

We look forward to journeying with you!
Jonathan McCloud & Shiloh Sophia

This is how the call will flow

You connect with Shiloh Sophia and Jonathan and they ask you a few questions based on your Application.

In some cases, Jonathan may not be there at the beginning if he is still working with another student.

If you are ready to go to the next step you will go into a breakout room with Jonathan to discuss your Financial Aid and make your first payment.

If you are not ready to enroll you will be offered choices for next steps.

Now you are officially enrolled and you will begin to set up your studio in preparation for LEGEND and for ORIGINS in September.

You will begin to calendar the coursework in advance and prepare to be LIVE as often as possible.

ZOOM Interview Space - Let's gather face to face in the virtual space ! If you are not experienced with ZOOM please try to practice prior to the call with a friend - checking your volume, and your screen - this is a face-to-face experience and is part of your readiness for Origins. We need to SEE and FEEL each person coming into this training. When you first arrive you will be in a 'waiting room' and we will admit you. Give us a few minutes of wiggle time as we may be completing another registration.

Matrica 2023 Gathering at Musea Sonoma

This is how we are investing in what matters to you.

Total ORIGINS Training Investment = $6,497

You can pay in full or in four monthly installments with no finance fee.

Or, you can choose a longer payment plan with an 8.5% non-compounding interest rate for the 12-month plan. The 24-month plan is 13%.

During this Enrollment Cycle:

  • We are not charging an application fee, $100 waived
  • We are not charging an initial deposit, $1500 waived
  • We are offering Financial Aid with flexible monthly plans.
  • ONLY for those who truly need it, $300 a month - you must be in good standing with your Musea accounts for this one. 
  • We haven’t raised the price of Certification training for ten years - it fluctuates a bit but it is right about the same.


We have a big promise for ORIGINS Training. The Promise is that we will co-create a sacred transformational space rooted in Intentional Creativity, discovery, and self-leadership. You will leave the experience with heightened self-awareness and capacity and with a body of work to be proud of that represents your journey. You will become a Guardian of the Sacred Teachings - ours, and yours.

Revisit the home page for all the juicy details.

WHAT: 26 Weeks - 6 Month ORIGINS Training

WHO: For you for personal or professional purposes

WHEN: September 1, 2023 - March 1, 2024. Every week for six months

HOW: Delivered LIVE Weekly so it is all FRESH REAL TIME EXPERIENCES. A combination of Zoom and Livestream - with additional videos and text.


  • Your seat in The Cura Council - Our 500-year plan for ceremony - we are actively training members to carry this into the future - those who come in person will most likely be the ones to pass on the teachings.
  • Instruction: Sacred Teachings: Care for Creation Curriculum + The 13 Powers + Medicine Painting Template + Metacognitive Drawing, 3 Painting processes that you can teach
  • A minimum of 2 Hours of Experience and Content Delivery per Week for 26 Weeks creating continuity in your Path of Practice
  • Studio Time - Four hours in your own studio and in nature
  • Your Sacred Teachings into the Origins Book - a collaboration of all of our materials
  • Your Art featured in the Intentional Creativity Museum show for Origins


  • Three Paintings and Three Stories and 3 Teachings of YOUR OWN
  • Your Origins Book - which serves as your material for certification.
  • We are Co-Creating an Origins Book, you will be an active participant in the creation of the book.
  • Meditation, Movement, Metacognitive Drawing and Making Medicine Paintings
  • Connect with our Co-Creative Community and Connections in our private ORIGINS group in the iMusea app

  • CERTIFICATION: If you choose to Certify because you want to teach the content you are learning in your own circles, workshops, and for use with clients you must complete all of the required coursework. There is a one-time fee of $250.
  • CREDENTIALS: For MUSEA University Student - Upon completion of the required curriculum, you are eligible for 9 University Course Credits. Adding in-person gatherings increases by 3 credits per gathering.
  • CERTIFICATE of COMPLETION: A digital copy for download with your name if you took Origins for your own personal purposes and choose not to certify. You will still need to complete your coursework to get a certificate.

Time Investment: Most of the training will be delivered twice a week for six months that includes live, video and calls. You will need to spend 4 hours a week to complete in 6 months. How you engage with the material can be on your own schedule within the 6 months.

We are doing what we can to support your journey. Now it is your turn.

"Thank you doesn't suffice to express my deep gratitude for this transformative experience. I've grown and evolved, embracing Life 2.0. Shiloh's promises were fulfilled in Color of Woman, surpassing all my previous soul work. I feel fully embodied and excited to relaunch my services. The training was a class act, rooted in love. Grateful to the team, cohorts, and classmates." ~ 2022 Color of Woman Graduate Intentional Creativity Teacher, Lisa Martin Naimi: United States


Do you have questions about our education at MUSEA?

About financial aid or our MUSEA University?

We are more than happy to answer your questions.

We recommend going through the ORIGINS application as a discovery process first. If you still have a question after that - please email our Enrollment Director, Sarah Mardell, at sarah@musea.org. For questions about our in-person gatherings, please email our Executive Director, Jonathan McCloud, at jonathan@musea.org.